School Days..

I am actually paving my way into this blogging world so I got caught up in cogitation what am I going to write up as my next post as I got many of my thoughts in pending to be revealed 😕
My tenth education has left its lovely and memorable traces in my heart….Its the first time I found some of my teachers as my best friends. I think I am blessed, for Our teachers are so friendly that you don’t really need a beloved one to share your problems… I found myself in a Heaven when I was preparing for my public exams in the school. Its like I am in a place where I can enjoy the time with those books. I used to feel our subject books as novels when I am at school. The way of teaching or the kind of jokes they used while teaching are so thought provoking that even though we are not interested in those particular subjects we may fall into love with that subject in those wonderful teaching sessions!!!!
We have got every right to go and study in those vacant rooms or in those lawns or in our principal sirs room so that we can enjoy the actual essence of those subjects under the silent surroundings and if at all we got ourselves caught up in some vague thoughts we have got plenty of helping hands always ready to end our disguised thoughts!!

About mischief… I used to stand number one place for that… I love those moments when I got caught by our principal sir for driving my scooty at a frenzied rage of speed and also those moments when my teachers took care of me when I was suffering from severe illness… Lovely moments to cherish….
The saddening day was that when we all bid farewell Ah…its quite common to see the students eyes filled with tears but its really touching and we felt so sentimental when we find our principal sir and our math’s sir crying lonely in their cubicles when the function is about to wind up…
Those are the precious moments I cherish whenever I come across the schools!!

When I have got up a look into a small school which caught up in my eyesight today I felt so embarrassed but some way I felt so thankful to god that I didn’t spend my childhood in those stressful rooms……..
Now a days school education has become so awkward and so unbearable that our eyes get filled up with tears when we see those small children carrying loads of books on their backs and staying there for 12 hours…Ah whats actually they were learning in those schools under that harsh environment?
Don’t you think that children are loosing their creative ability under those stressful environment to score high marks? I hate making people study in those class rooms with number of students around them yelling the lines they are studying so that they can get everything by heart and some people even support this type of attitude of making their children study by heart because their child wont get sleep if their children yell the lessons they want to memorise so that they wont wander in the dream lands while studying….Ah Is this justification of making children study in those stressful environments by yelling???


Well it’s just the beginning of my journey in this blogging world. I was pondering over what to write and I ended up letting my keys loose to write about something that’s close to my heart.

My dad used to run a Ceramic factory apart from his profession of being a law lecturer….Our factory is very big for me to as a play ground and in our factory we used to make pots and different varieties of moulds that are can be used for dual purpose like it can be used as a flower pot or as a show piece…..For that our workers used to make their moulds on the wheels of  the carts by rotating them and when the mould has taken its shape under the hands of our VISWA KARMAS (a person in our epics, who builds the houses in a utmost creative way which is impossible for human beings)…our so called worker…takes its wonderful shape and then it goes into the kiln…After a couple of time its delivers an output in the shape of a ceramic doll….

I used to play with those moulds because I can get whatever shape I want…if I want a parrot they will make a parrot for me…if I want a doll of lord Krishna they will make that mould for me….I used to feel at those moments that I can have anything in the world as my puppets…All these characters came to life in my plays.. It all feels like a fanatic joke when I look back…but it’s a kiddoo feelings yaar!!!

Our sweet cute little home is in the campus of our factory…so you people think that my mom used to rush behind me not to go into that mud …Nothing of such sort happened coz my mom is a Lecturer in zoology.  She comes in the evening and in the meanwhile I used to play with my uncle who is a partner cum brother in law to my father….

Well wait…My sis is missing in this context…That crazy girl is always mad about books and I know she might have gone 2 her school on the back of my mom’s Kinetic…In the evening she used to join with me in my plays…

We used to play police and burglar game…and I used to hide in the kiln ….Now don’t worry about how I can make myself breathe inside a kiln. After the lot of heated earthen pots are removed, it wont be too hot…It would be just like a big enclosed room with one gateway and a lot of windows. There is an underground passage (or are they wells) from the kiln where the fresh ceramic pots are stored to make them dry before they used to place for heating in the kiln.

Ah… that passage would actually lead to the back of our factory where there used to be a number of huts of our workers and I used to ran into those houses as they are very small…and for me that’s a time pass and a big wonder that how these people can cook their food on those ceramic jars and heated coal. That’s really mind blowing to watch all their way of cooking and living….

Hey friends did anyone of you played with Peacock when you are young?? They were our constant visitors at our home adorning the walls with their brilliant hues. As our factory nested between a lot of plantations and hence we used to have a mini animal kingdom complete with snakes. To eat those snakes peacocks used to come over there and they used to sit on the top of our kiln…I used to play with them when they get down…Wonderful experience… Ah, I have watched a lot of snakes when I am a child of 5 years and my mom…thanks for her zoology knowledge, she used to tell us all about their species, origin and what those names called??? Scientific names like naja naja ah some sort…

When I am a child of 10 years age I used to go with my mom to her college and I used to play with all her colleagues and their children we used to watch all her lab…like they used to store the species like snails, frogs, cockroach etc…and many more different species in the liquid chloroform for the purpose of dissection…and when my mom used to conduct the lab exams in which she used to cover those species names with white papers and in their viva the students have to recognize those scientific names by seeing their specimen…ah do u know what I used to do then I used to see all those names of the species and I used to leak the answers to her students…ah my mom don’t know that…

Isn’t that lovely?

Today I got excited alot about starting up a new blog for myself in order to share and express my feelings with the rest of the world! This is my first attempt at blog.

For me a Blog is an open diary with which we can share all our inner feelings which we cant tell it to every beloved one in those little moments we share with them. So I thought of writing up all my feelings about the little joys and those silly comments i came across my life….

So Friends, Welcome to this small place of mine. I am Lasya and you get to know more about me as you leaf through these pages.